Tec Camp - Kenting, Taiwan - April 13-20, 2014

Learn to dive deeper, longer, and more technical with a week of world class instruction, leading edge equipment, and adventure!

Train with world class instructors and learn how to take your diving to the next level.  Don't just settle for local lakes, quarries, or your neighborhood dive charter, join us in the tropical paradise of the Dominican Republic.  For eight days you can stay at a world renouned resort, dive in breath-taking clear water with white sand beaches, experience a friendly fun culture, and have an adventure you will never forget.

The prices include boat trips, gas fills, and instruction.  You will need to pay additional fees for training materials, rental equipment, and access to the Iberostar resort get to the dive center.  A $40 per day pass will grant you access to the resort and includes meals, drinks, and other ammenities. Hollis harnesses and regulators are available at a discounted rate.  

Please pass this information to anyone you think might be interested in this event: Promotional PDF flyer


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“Hey Jeff - Oh Great Lord of all things SideMount ! It's been a while since you changed my life at Vobster Quay back in March 2010 (5*C BRRRRr-r-r-r-r) with the UK launch of sidemount... things have moved on quite a bit since then ! I took a guy all the way from never having tried Sides to completing his Trimix Tec 90 at the bottom of Thomas Canyon in Sharm last year : AWESOME ! Thanks for showing me the way... .... You still are, and always will be my personal hero !!!”